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Needles Acupuncture Or Laser Acupuncture


Needles Acupuncture Or Laser Acupuncture

Needle Acupuncture


Contrary to popular western belief, acupuncture is not just

a system for inserting very fine needles into specific body

points to alleviate pain.


It is a complementary medical protocol focused on correcting

imbalances of energy in the body, by stimulating nerves and

muscles. 70% of acupuncture points coincide in myofacial

trigger points and 80% of acu points places are in anatomical

points ; and this is amazing!


From its inception in China more than 2500 years ago, it has

been used to prevent, diagnose and treat disease, as well as

to improve general health.



How Medical Acupuncture explains traditional Acupuncture


Wang et al, 1985, showed that acupuncture generates nerve

action potentials that can be detected in the nerve trunks leading away from the area being treated.


Dawidson et al, 1998, showed that one particular neuropeptide that has been studied in relation to acupuncture is Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide (CGRP). This is a normal constituent of the sensory nerve, being synthesized in the dorsal root ganglion and transported to the periphery. It promotes vasodilation and formation of new blood vessels, so facilitating repair after injury.


Sandkuhler, 2000, showed that acupuncture needles stimulate small myelinated ‘’A delta ‘’nerves in muscle and skin. This cause the release of ‘’enkephalin’’,which blocks the transmission of pain and it can be detected as a generalized depression of activity of the dorsal horn of spine. It may reduce any increased muscle tone, improving mobility and pain relief.


Laser Acupuncture ( LA) and Low-Level Laser Therapy ( LLLT)




                                                                     Tiina Karu



Laser acupuncture is defined as the stimulation of acupuncture points with low-intensity, non-thermal laser irradiation (Cold Laser or Low-Level Laser), instead of metal needles. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and therapy with light are both traditions that are thousands of years old. In 1992, Bradley et al. showed by thermography that the

effect of increased blood circulation due to Laser Acupuncture stays for a longer duration compare to needle stimulation. In addition, he showed that the stimulation of non-acupuncture points could not increase the blood circulation.


LLLT or Cold Laser Therapy/ Photobiomodulation, with the power of lower than 500 mW, use the red and infrared laser beam to decrease inflammation, promote blood circulation, and promote tissue regeneration and healing. Absorption as a result of photon bombardment of some bio-molecules in the cell results in the transformation of light into biochemical energy. It works in a non-thermal and non-destructive method through a process of biostimulation and causes increasing mitochondrial ATP production through photobiomodulation.





Why Laser Acupuncture instead of Needle Acupuncture


  • A very good option for people with needle-phobia and also for children

  • A very good option for people on blood thinner medication, so no bruise due to the metal needle

  • A non-invasive, safe, aseptic technique

  • Faster result than the metal needle in some cases

  • Deeper penetration than metal needle, so stronger effect for major joints problems

  • More prominent healing result in most cases; because in LA we can communicate with cells by using the specific frequencies( photobiomodulation and bioresonance)

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